Doomsday is a classic "Shoot'em up" game. Our task is to defend our planet from attacks of terrifying aliens. The task is not easy - at the beginning we have only small arsenal of weapons and small amount of ammunition. It is right to mention that the interesting element, which makes Doomsday different from other games of that kind is evolutionary system of increasing pilot skills. During the game player can choose 3 ways of evolution. He can upgrade ship with 18 unique skills. Action takes place on 48 unique, photorealistic maps, which we have to clear from hundreds of space invaders.

- 48 unique photorealistic maps
- 7 kinds of basic weapons
- 2 special weapons
- system of pilot evolution
- screen resolution from 1024x768 up to 1920x1200
- variety of enemies
- growing degree of difficulty
- no erotic scenes, violence, vulgarisms
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  1. Minimum game requirments
    - Windows XP SP2/Vista
    - 1.5 GHz CPU
    - 1024 MB RAM
    - DVD-ROM Drive
    - 900MB of free space on hard disk
    - 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with Pixel Shader 2.0 and the latest drivers
    - 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    - 100% Windows XP/Vista compatible mouse and keyboard
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (comes with Doomsday)
    - Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 1.0 Refresh (comes with Doomsday)
    - Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Redistributable (comes with Doomsday)

  2. Installation
    Click twice on installer icon. Then follow installer instructions.

  3. How to run game
    In case of default installation go to 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Evermotion' > 'Doomsday' and choose 'Doomsday'.
    In Windows Vista you have to start the game with administrator rights.
    If you have slow computer then we advise to turn off advanced graphics effects. To do that, go to 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Evermotion' > 'Doomsday' and choose option 'Doomsday Settings'.

  4. Game update
    Game update are installed automaticaly.

  5. Gameplay window

  6. Save/Load game
    You can save or load game between maps (while in shop). You can also load game from main menu. On picture below you can see procedure of saving the game.

    Loading level that was saved before is similar to saving. The difference is that instead of 'Save' we choose 'Load'.

  7. Game shop
    In shop you can buy and upgrade weapons and armor, repair shield and armor and refill ammo for weapons. Also when You have required skill You can buy droids.
    To buy a new weapon you have to:
    1. Choose 'Buy' section on the right side of the shop
    2. Choose weapon from the list
    3. Press button 'Buy" placed below the list of available weapons.

    Upgrading weapons is similar to buying the weapon. The difference is that we choose 'Upgrade' section on the right side of the shop.

  8. Game enemies
    In "Doomsday" You must to defead terrifying aliens. Do You want see that monsters? Click on the bottom thumbnail :).

  9. How to change game control keys
    We can change the game controls directly after starting the game. To do that you have to choose option "Configure keys" in main menu.

  10. How to pause the game?
    You can pause the game during gameplay by pressing Escape. From there You have option to adjust sound/music volume, toggle fullscreen mode. You can quit game by pressing 'Quit' or get back to game by pressing 'Back' or by pressing Escape.

  11. What are the skills?
    Skills increase effectiveness or resistant of your ship. During the game and while gaining new levels, you'll be receiving stat points, which you can use to buy new skills. To get new skills go to 'Skills' section in the shop.
    * Every 5 ship levels new skills will be unlocked.

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